Logistics – Past meeting

This was the logistics page for FUN 2017, which has now passed.  Access all the materials, video, etc. here.

Campus Map

  • A campus map with event locations highlighted can be downloadedhere: DU map for guests

Housing Check-In and Registration

  • Both housing check-in and registration will occur in Coughlin Commons, in Coughlin Hall (marked #1 on the campus map)
    • Coughlin hall is on the east side of campus, facing the east lot accessible from Park Avenue between Division and Greenfield.
    • You can park or be dropped off in the East lot.  There are parking permits for the East lot available at the registration table.
    • Participants are staying in Murray Hall, which is adjacent to Coughlin.
  • Dorm check-in is available:
    • Tuesday, 8pm to midnight
    • Wednesday, 9am to midnight
    • Thursday, 3-6pm
    • Friday, 8am to 9pm
  • Registration desk will be open:
    • Tuesday 5-8pm
    • Wednesday, 9:30am-1pm and 3-9pm
    • Thursday, 3-6pm
    • Friday, 8am to 3pm; afterwards the front desk will text the event staff to let you know where to pickup registration materials
    • Saturday registration?  Come to the Parmer Atrium and find Bob or Irina; we’ll get you sorted.
  • There are some times when dorm check-in is available but registration is not.  No problem–just register the next time the desk is open or find/text/email Bob or Irina and we’ll get you sorted.


  • Dorm checkout is also in Coughlin Commons in Coughlin Hall.
  • There will be an express checkout box available Saturday through Monday
  • There will also be staff available to collect keys on Saturday 10am to 5pm

What’s in the Dorms?

  • On-campus housing comes with a top-sheet, bottom-sheet, blanket, pillow and pillow-case, a plastic cup, a small bar of soap, a wash cloth, and one towel.  There is a common-area kitchen that will be stocked with coffee and some snacks.  Please be sure to pack shampoo, tooth paste, etc. 


  • Poster size is 4 long x 3 tall.
  • The poster session is Friday from 8:00pm to 9:00pm immediately after the opening banquet.  The session will be in the library and library patio.  There will be easels with poster boards and tacks.  Posters have not been assigned board numbers; it is first-come, first-serve.
  • Poster presenters are welcome to put up their posters during the reception that precedes the dinner, which is from 6:15 to 7:00pm in the library and library patio.


  • There are free parking permits available for pickup when you register.
  • Those staying in the dorms should park in East Lot (Marked B on the campus map).
  • Those not staying in the dorms can park in the East Lot or the West Lot (Marked E on the campus map).  The East Lot extends to directly in front of Parmer Hall, which is where most program events are located.


  • The address for Dominican is: 7900 West Division Street, River Forest, IL, 60305.  Here it is on a map.
  • Dominican is about 20 minutes from O’Hare and about 30 minutes from Midway (depending on traffic).  Both airports allow Uber/Lyft.  Taxi fare is usually $40-50 from either airport.
  • Public Transport: From O’Hare take the Blue line downtown, transfer to the Green Line and take it to the Oak Park stop.  You’ll be about 1 mile from campus to walk, cab, or request the DU shuttle.
  • There will be shuttle-bus service on the last day of the conference, but it will be limited.  There will be two shuttles, each holding 14 people.  One will go from campus to O’Hare and back; the other from campus to Midway.  For those leaving early or late on Sunday, this should work great.  But for the mad rush of folks seeking to all leave at the same time right after the session, there will only be 14+14=28 spots.  But taxi/Uber fare is reasonable to the airports and there should be lots of other folks to split the fare with.
    • To O’Hare: 10:30 am, 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, and 4:30pm
    • To Midway: 10:00am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, 3:00pm
    • These schedules are provisional.  Traffic in Chicago can change suddenly.  The trip to Midway, in particular, can become much longer unexpectedly. 
    • There will be a signup sheet for the shuttle service when you register.

DU Campus Shuttle

  • Dominican has a shuttle that runs to the a) the priory campus at Division and Harlem, and b) the Green-Line CTA station at Harlem and Lake in Oak Park.  During the summer the shuttle only runs on request on the half hour for the prior campus and on the hour for the CTA station.  You just have to call 708.524.5999 and request the next shuttle pickup.  You can make the requests in advance (earlier on the day off).
  • Details on the Shuttle: https://m.dom.edu/default/shuttle/
  • Shuttle tracker: http://dom.doublemap.com/map/



  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are provided throughout the conference for all registrants (you don’t have to be registered for housing)
  • There will be vegetarian options throughout.  For the Friday plated dinner, though, vegetarian entrees will be available only for those who requested vegetarian meals during registration.
  • Any product containing pork or peanuts will be labelled.


  • All materials from the meeting are posted on a public folder on Google Drive.  Click here to access.
  • A video archive will become available as well; stay tuned.